Covid -19 Response

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Curbside Appointment Protocol:

We are still here to help you!

We are still here to help you!

Note: This will be updated as needed in order to remain current and compliant with executive orders and CDC-recommended guidelines for social distancing. I am checking the news and comparing protocol with others in the repair field daily (at least) to help ensure my practices remain responsible.

(Last updated 5/12/20)

Curbside pick up and drop off for repairs is available. This protocol is designed to be as contact-less as possible to keep both you and us safe while your instrument is repaired.

Here is how curbside repair service works :

  • Call, text, or email to schedule your appointment in advance. 
  • No same-day repairs are currently being done, due to the mandatory wait period explained below.
  • Call or text when you arrive at your appointment time, and Mel (wearing a homemade mask) will walk out to pick up your instrument from the curb at a safe distance.
  • All incoming instruments will have a mandatory wait period of 5 days in a secluded storage room before being estimated. There will also be a 5-day wait period for customer pick up after your instrument is done being serviced. Unfortunately, this means a longer-than-usual turnaround, but it is non-negotiable (see these guidelines from NAMM, NFHS, and NAfME here). 
  • When your instrument is done, we will contact you to schedule a pick-up appointment.
  • Electronic payment will be collected prior to pick-up. We accept any major credit/debit card (via phone), Paypal, and Venmo. If you must pay with check or cash, we will take special precaution to handle your physical payment safely.
  • We have a new daily routine ("Preparedness Plan")  with increased cleaning of work surfaces and tools, proper hand hygiene, and new protocol for wearing PPE during the workday.

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We are still here to help you!

We are still here to help you!

We are still here to help you!

While in-person lessons, gigs, and ensembles may not be happening for an indefinite time, music still is--just separated by physical space!

If you, your students, or kids would like your instrument serviced, we are here to help. We understand that instruments are still taking the occasional tumble, pads may fall out or tear, and valves may still freeze up. 

As a small, independent repair shop, Rogue Repair is well-suited to safely provide you with curbside repair service. We are also happy to help with any questions about at-home maintenance. In these ways, you can continue with your distance-learning, maintain your craft, and enjoy making music.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions about at-home maintenance--now is a great time to do some of that! We are also happy to clarify any of the procedures currently in place for curbside repair service.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are also available in any amount for future services. 

Call 651-234-0890 to purchase, and I will mail one to you! I accept Paypal, Venmo, and all major credit/debit cards for payment.

Stay safe and sane, y'all!


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Contact Us

We are still here to help you!

Contact Us

Call or Text 651-234-0890 , or email for more information, at-home maintenance help, to purchase a gift certificate, or to schedule a curbside appointment. 

If you are a band director, and are interested in scheduling summer instrument repairs, pick-up and on-site estimation is available.

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